The Eschaton Is Nigh

There's an upside to ditching 90% of your paperback collection and going all digital without really cataloging anything: in the past few years, I've been inadvertently afforded the pleasure of rereading some pretty great stuff. 

I forget; I download again; I find out three pages in. This time it was Frederik Pohl's Eschaton series: The Other End of Time, The Siege of Eternity, and The Far Shore of Time.

The Eschaton books are eminently readable but treat on some fairly hard scifi tropes: the politics of first contact, human rights issues, and of course theoretical and speculative physics (matter/antimatter transfer, cosmological theories, and more.) It's thoroughly engaging, even on the second pass.

Frederik Pohl wrote for many, many years and won pretty much every science fiction award there is. His work spanned the decades between the 1950's and his death last year in 2013 and garnered him Hugos, Nebulas, National Book Awards, Loci, and many others. 
(For those hands-busy days, Sci-Fi-London offers this great collection of radio dramas based on classic stories by Frederik Pohl and Isaac Asimov. )

Back to the Eschaton books, though. This trilogy is a later work; I was able to find full, uncropped, untreated digital versions of John Harris' cover paintings. This is a great thing, since Tor's crop job on the second of these was pretty brutal.

John Harris' original cover painting for The Other End of Time, published by Tor in 1996.

Harris' painting for the second of the trilogy, The Siege of Eternity, published in 1997.

And the third, The Far Shore of Time, released in 1999.