New Year, New Studio

I've got new news: this month, I'm moving into a great new space.


I'm not leaving the Inscape Arts building, but I am moving up to the second 205, to be precise. It's a large space that I'll be splitting between a personal work space for me and a home for Two Ponies Press, particularly the Original Lines podcast. 



Of course, the move has been dusty and exhausting, but it's almost over. I've made more Ikea trips this month than I have in the past ten years, I think.

Phil and I have built All the Things!



And though we still have a bit of work to do, I've been able to start work. This is my first official work in the new space, and it's one of twenty-odd sketches I'm making for a larger project.


Our next Open Studio isn't until June, and I hope the space will be ready to show to other people by then. Wish us luck....