Nancy Kress at Hugo House

I've just discovered that scifi author Nancy Kress will be teaching a short fiction class at Seattle's incredible literary center, the Richard Hugo House. It starts on March 19, right around the corner.

It's tempting. One of the first recommendations we received upon moving to Seattle was to a.) find Hugo House, and b.) take a class with Nancy Kress. But I'm not the fiction writer in the family; maybe I can talk the hubby into going. Vicarious Nancy Kress is better than no Nancy Kress at all.

I was happy to find one of her stories-- "The Common Good" -- in a recent issue of Asimov's, and I also hear that she contributed a story to the Gene Wolfe tribute anthology, Shadows of the New Sun. For some unfathomable reason, I haven't read it yet.

Here's an excerpt from a recent interview with Kress prior to her appearance at the 2013 ICON 38 in Iowa. (The interviewer is Alvaro Zinos-Amaro for Locus. The JS is Jack Skillingstead. The three are discussing their dream panel.)

[JS] If she has Maugham, I’d like Guy de Maupassant.
[NK] You can have him!
[JS] He was a great short story writer. And unlike your guy, he actually wrote something that could be classified if not as SF then at least horror, “The Horla”. A very famous story, in fact.
[NK] I thought we said we didn’t have to stick to sf or fantasy or horror writers.
[JS] We don’t have to, but I was just trying to make my dream panel interesting for the con audience.
[NK] Then I want Shakespeare on my panel!
[AZA] I’m surprised you didn’t pick him already. Or Jesus, or Buddha, or, say, Galileo.
[JS] Okay, I’ll have God on my panel.
[AZA] But you already have Theodore Sturgeon.

Me, I'd take Sturgeon any day.