Art, Art, and More Art

Sorry so long no post! I've been working in mixed media again; it took a while after the Big Move to resupply my stockpile of random things, but now my hoard is fully loaded and I'm mixing media like mad. This new series is making me very happy, oh yes indeed.

Here's a preliminary shot of one 3D piece, "Go Now While You Still Can." It has internal motors that turn various bits, a couple of lighted windows, and it's powered by an Arduino Due.

(Thanks to most awesome Husband for helping with the programming despite my infamous impatience and ridiculous perfectionism.)

I'll get a video soon, too.
 The piece to the right is called "Come On Down." I'll be showing it, as well as "Go Now" and others during Inscape Seattle's Open House on June 14. I'll post more info soon, but here's a Facebook link meantime.

In other news, I've been taking a watercolor class with local favorite Jennifer Carrasco. Watercolor has always intimidated me, I'll admit; it requires a bit more delicacy than I can usually muster. Or at least that's what I far, so good, though. I'm having big fun, thanks to Jennifer and the rest of the gang at C&P Coffee.