Some Chariots

Always behind my back I hear
The spastic clicking of jerked knees
And other automatic reactions
Tracking me through the years to where
Time’s winged chariot is double
Parked near the eternity frontier
And in such moments I want to participate
In human life less and less
But when I do the obligatory double take
And glance behind me into the dark green future
All I see stretching out are vast
Arizona republics of more

-"Human Life" by Tom Clark

from the Cary-Yale Visconti deck, Milan

from the Jacque Vieville deck, France

from Salvador Dali's deck, released in 1984

from The New Tarot by Hurley, Hurley, and Horler
California, 1974

(apparently contemporary)

from Sacred India deck by Rohit Arya


from the Hexen 2.0 deck by Suzanne Treister

added on 2010

from the Voyager Tarot by James Wanless

from the Amano Deck by Yoshitaka Amano, 1991

            Here is where
            You can get nowhere
            Faster than ever
            As you go under
            Deeper and deeper

            In the fertile smother
            Of another acre
            Like any other
            You can’t peer over
            And then another

            And everywhere
            You veer or hare
            There you are
            Farther and farther
            Afield than before

           But on you blunder
           In the verdant meander
           As if   the answer
           To looking for cover
           Were to bewilder

           Your inner minotaur
           And near and far were
           Neither here nor there
           And where you are
           Is where you were 

-"Corn Maze" by David Barber